Your comment, suggestions, and perhaps compliments

The new owners would like to make Wherry, No:25 Peninsula Cottages, the perfect place for your holiday or short break so that you will wish to return time and again. Please tell us about what you enjoyed, any problems, difficulties, or suggestions to improve, or even pay us a compliment! Thank You!

If you wish to make comments, suggestions, or even leave your compliments please use the Contact Us page to fill in the form which will be received by the OWNERS, who will decide whether to include them in the Guestbook.

We only publish initials, and town, unless you state that you wish to have full name published.

Alternatively, follow this link to Wroxham Holidays and use the feedback e-mail on the Contact us page.

This may be the case if you feel you have had less than good service from Peninsular Properties Services, although we would suggest you deal with them directly for a speedy solution, whilst you are on holiday.
However, this is an important way for the owners to monitor the quality of your holiday experience.

Future Plans

Here are some plans already made by the owners from their experience of living there.

LCD-HD widescreen TV, with FreeSat viewing and recording on HDD

Although you don't come on holiday to watch TV, and there's always far more interesting things to watch from your many viewpoints onto the river, we understand that in the evening you would like the same quality of experience within the cottage as you would at home.

We have waited for the technology to settle down to be able to provide you with the most up-to-date state-of-the-art HD (Hi-Res), wide-screen LCD TV, with digital HDD recording of your favoprite programmes while you are out, and integrated DVD, whilst all available on FreeSat, with it's advantages. We are hoping to provide this early in the 2010 season, and will be on our online advertising when it is available.

A heated towel rail

We know it's only a simple thing, but we understand how you love to wake up to that warm, dry feeling of that morning towel when you wake up, and we understand the feeling of fishermen (or women) waking up very early for that night, or early morning fishing, only to be welcomed by a cold damp towel. After all, you are beside water!

So we have now provided a clothes airer and a heated towel rail, effective but low power, so it will not increase your electic bills unacceptably by it's all day or overnight use, and will be warm and dry for you in the morning. Also useful when you fall in the water fishing or boating!

One final thought

For fishermen groups, or families with fishing as a main event, we wish to create an area within the entrance hallway, for the storage of your muddy / wet items, eg. fishing gear, boots, clothes etc.

And your next suggestion is?

We are starting off this guestbook by saying we are the first occupants since taking up new ownership, and therefore we have made some suggestions already. We would invite you to contribute to this, so that together we can create the ideal holiday home!

The owners

A nest of small tables.

When we, stayed there we were annoyed that we did'nt have the usual surfaces next to our favorite seats to rest our cup of tea or coffee.

So, we have now provided a simple nest of tables that can be tucked out of way, but brought out as required by you.

The owners

Please can we have a small table or stool which could be used in the bathroom?


Sure! We understand the differing needs of or visitors, and some people may need to sit down, or need more spce for things in the bathroom.  We have added a white plastic, washable, fold up chsir and adjustable height table which can be used in the bathroom or elsewhere.

There is a mirror on the wall, but could we have one when sitting at the dressing table?

A table top mirror now sits on the dressing table

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New for 2009 (from end of May)

We are replacing the three piece suite with new, and replacing the bedroom suite and matress in the double bedroom, with a new solid pine suite.


Add new author - e.g. Joe Bloggs, London, England.